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OP2000 DigiMaxx Series Wideband Digitizer-Receiver

"A true wideband digitizer-receiver..."

“The new DigiMaxx series Wideband Digitizer-Receiver provides for a new and greatly enhanced capability to directly receive and downconvert extremely wideband RF and Microwave signals..."

Key Specifications - General

  • Effective sample rate of 5.2 GSamples/sec
  • Resolution of 12 bits
  • 1dB Bandwidth of 2.6 GHz minimum
  • SFDR of 80dB minimum across the full bandwidth
  • SNR of 62dB minimum
  • Instantaneous bandwidth up to 300 MHz
  • Input Impedance of 50 Ohms
  • Input Coupling of DC or AC
  • I/Q outputs
  • Main high-speed Data Output conforms to VXS VITA 41
    with Serial RapidIO (PCI Express outputs optional)
  • Auxiliary Data Output on USB 2.0 supports
    40 MHz maximum real time bandwidth
  • Data Waveform Memory up to 4 GB for capture mode
    operation, up to 3.2 seconds storage at 300 MHz
    output bandwidth
  • External Edge Trigger input using TTL or LVDS logic levels
  • Full performance over the Industrial temperature range
    (-40 °C to +75 °C)
  • Card Format is 6U VXS. Other card formats (VXI, VPX, cPCIe,
    custom) optional

Digital Downconverter

  • Output Center Frequency is user programmable from DC to 2.6 GHz, with better than 0.1 Hz accuracy
  • Output Bandwidth (instantaneous) is user programmable from a minimum of 100 Hz, up to a maximum of 200 MHz (for any center frequency selected across the full DC to 2.6 GHz band), or up to a maximum of 300 MHz (for specific center frequency ranges )
  • Output sample rate is user programmable from 1 KSample/sec to 400 MSamples/sec (for each of the I/Q outputs)
  • 32 user-programmable channel presets that provide frequency hopping capability in less than 1 uS to any center frequency from DC to 2.6 GHz with independent programmable output bandwidth and sample rate
  • Passband ripple of 0.1 dB maximum
  • Phase linearity of 0.1° max from DC to 2.6 GHz

Ultra Wide Bandwidth Option

  • Output bandwidth of DC to 1.2 GHz, 1.2G Hz to 2.4 GHz, or 2.0 GHz to 2.6 GHz (instantaneous) is available
    on multiple Serial RapidIO or PCI Express outputs

Channelizer Option

  • Channel Programmability includes frequency range, number of channels, channel bandwidth
  • Number of channels is user programmable up to 256

FFT Option

  • FFT Order is user programmable from 256 to 32,768
  • Windowing functions include Rectangular, Hann, Blackman-Harris

For quotation / information:
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The new DigiMaxx series Wideband Digitizer-Receiver employs an ultra-wide bandwidth and extreme sampling speed digitizing architecture to push the current boundaries of ADC technology. The DigiMaxx series utilizes a new, proprietary ADC technology to attain extremely high SNR and SFDR performance across the full bandwidth. The DigiMaxx series data outputs are completely programmable in center frequency, bandwidth, and decimation, providing the maximum in user flexibility.

The DigiMaxx offers DC to 2.6 GHz of contiguous input bandwidth, 12 Bit resolution, a minimum of 80 dB SFDR over the full input bandwidth and full programmability of digital output Center Frequency (DC to 2.6 GHz), Bandwidth (up to 300 MHz max), and Decimation Rate (200 KSamples/sec to 400 MSamples/sec).

DigiMaxx applications

The unparalleled DigiMaxx performance allows for new and expanded operation of Communications systems (JTRS/WNW, NMT, FAB-T, WIN-T, SMART-T, WGS), Software Defined Radio (SDR), Cognitive Radio (CR), Radar systems (SAR, Ground, Shipboard, Airborne), Electronic Warfare systems, WiMax and 4G, OFDM, test instruments, and many other high speed/high bandwidth applications.

Product Roadmap

The DigiMaxx product roadmap includes a family of high performance digitizer-receivers for tomorrow's wideband digitizing needs, including system solutions and support devices.

System Architecture

  • Ultra-wide bandwidth and extreme sampling speed
  • Digitizer-Receiver, coupled with best-in-industry SFDR and SNR performance
  • OmniPhase proprietary ADC technology provides for unparalleled performance
  • Any frequency band within the full system bandwidth can be downconverted as programmed by the user and sent to the high-speed data output
  • User-defined Digital Down Converter (DDC)
    with I/Q outputs: Programmable center frequency, Programmable bandwidth, Programmable output sample rate decimation
  • Capture mode for storage of long duration signals
  • Serial RapidIO high-speed data outputs (PCI Express outputs optional)
  • USB 2.0 Control Port / Aux Data output Port
  • External Edge Trigger input
  • Small footprint, modular design (6U VXS). Other card formats, VXI, VPX, cPCIe, custom (optional)
  • Ultra Wide Bandwidth output for wideband spread spectrum applications (optional)
  • Channelized output for OFDM applications (optional)
  • FFT output for spectral processing applications (optional)

System Performance

  • Effective sampling speed of 5.2 GSamples/sec
  • DC to 2.6 GHz of downconvertable bandwidth
  • 12 bits of dynamic range
  • Minimum 80 dB SFDR across the full bandwidth
  • Digital Downconverter (DDC) I/Q Outputs: DC-2.6 GHz programmable center frequency, up to 300 MHz max.
  • Instantaneous programmable output bandwidth, 200 KSamples/sec to 400 MSamples/sec programmable output decimation data rate
  • High-speed, on-the-fly reconfiguration of center frequency, output bandwidth, output decimation data rate
  • 1.6 seconds (-40°C to +75°C) or 3.2 seconds (0°C to +75°C) of capture storage at 300 MHz output bandwidth, more storage at lower output data rates
  • Repetitive Capture Mode supports 2.6 GHz bandwidth spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope applications
  • Ultra Wide Bandwidth output supports DC to 1.2 GHz band, 1.2 GHz to 2.4 GHz band, or 2.0 GHz to 2.6 GHz band (all instantaneous) with multiple Serial RapidIO or PCI Express outputs (optional)
  • Channelized output has up to 256 user programmable channels (optional)
  • FFT output with up to 32,768 bins (optional)

Key Benefits

  • Supports RF signaling with far wider bandwidth and more system channels per card than competing products
  • Fewer Digitizer cards per system required
  • Much greater dynamic range and SFDR over the full system bandwidth, supporting radar and other sensitive applications
  • Full programmability of output center frequency, bandwidth, and decimation, with fast mode switching between saved states
  • Long memory depths for long sample capture times
  • Repetitive capture supports full bandwidth spectrum monitoring and oscilloscope digitizing applications
  • USB 2.0 Aux port available for digital output data, allowing standalone card operation for lower bandwidth and capture applications, simplifying interface requirements and eliminating cost of a VXS chassis

Block Diagram

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